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God Sings…

God sings a SYMPHONY.

With the grand arrangement of creation – as light broke into darkness, and days revealed the movements of time, space, land, seas, plant-life, seasons and stars, bird-life, and all living creatures – He sings a symphony.

Then, with a rousing crescendo, He breathes humanity into existence – the ultimate reflection and expression of who He is.

God sings a LAMENT.

In a single moment, the discordant tone of rebellion breaks in. The first humans choose their own path over the harmony of creation. And the Creator mourns this separation – the loss of relationship with His Creation.

God sings an ANTHEM.

God calls His people to follow Him. The melody of blessing, hope and promise raises up a nation from one man’s family. A people called by God’s name – the nation of Israel. A nation who would bring forth a promised Deliverer.
One known as Messiah.
God with us.

God sings a CHORUS.

On a hill overlooking the village of Bethlehem, a silent night is broken by a multitude of angelic creatures – a song heard only by a few shepherds.

“To the highest heights of the universe, glory to God! And on earth, peace among all people who bring pleasure to God!”

And this chorus of hope resonated in the heart of a teenage mother – one untouched by any man, had given birth to a Son – Jesus.

As her baby lies in an animal’s feed trough, Mary joins the song: “The rulers from their high positions of power, God has brought down low. And those who were humble and lowly, God has elevated with dignity.”

For generations, God has been inviting humanity to sing again.
To join Him in the CHORUS of Christmas.
To trust Him through the LAMENT of the Cross.
To know Him through the ANTHEM of Resurrection.
That humanity might know forgiveness and peace, and that creation might be brought to a SYMPHONY once more.

Will you join the song?

God Sings by Trav Johnson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.